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Wise Folder Hider is a program that consists of a convenient way to securely hide folders, files and USB drives, as well protecting them with passwords. Safety concerns can be put at ease with this Window PC backed software. For additional security items are eligible for double password protection, allowing confidential files to remain confidential. Whether it is a document, video or photo, all file types are eligible for hiding. Best of the entire program is absolutely free and is compatible with virtually all versions of Window.

Software details

Pro 4.25 Build 165
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Wise Folder Hider Pro
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Software description

Security features in this program are well beyond those of others in the same category. Double-password protection is one such amenity that requires one password to log in and another to unhide the file. Hidden files and folders can remain hidden while the user performs edits and modifications by opening them with the item only being visible by the modifier. When edits are complete, the item can be closed automatically with one simple click, hiding then again from view. Wise Folder Hider Pro is simplicity is amazing utilizing the drag and drop method to add items to the program. Regardless of the file size, the program work quickly and efficiently, while not taking up too much space.

The software is extremely clever, recognizing that a folder is empty, and therefore will not hide that specific folder. Any folder can be hidden by right-clicking on it, not requiring the user to be logged into the program at that time. Later, after logging into Wise Folder Hider, the added item can be viewed. The entirety of files and folders on removable drives can be hidden at the same time. For portable security, any or all items on a flash drive can be hidden. Files are listed in the main window. Files can be sorted by a few different ways, such as status, name, operation and lock. Wise Folder Hider is especially useful for securing sensitive and private items on a computer that is shared with others.

User Interface

The user interface on Wise Folder Hider is swimming in simplicity. The program contains a mere three options on the toolbar, Hide Folder, Hide File and Hide USB. Your secure data is accessible on the interface, unless you selected the double-password option. There is an online Help file that is offered on Wise Folder Hider should you ever have the need to utilize it for assistance. Files that are open reveal the status label Visible to describe them, until they are closed again. The inter face is as simple to operate as the basic concept of Wise Folder Hider.

Final Say

Wise Folder Hider is a renowned program that is a top choice in its category. The designers offer a free trial and a 60 day money back guarantee because they are convinced in the quality of the software. Fraud protection and encryption allow peace of mind when making payments on their site. Wise Folder Hider also offers 24/7 support through email and online live chat with qualified and knowledgeable representatives.