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XviD4PSP is a Windows application that acts as video converter. The videos can be converted such that they can comfortably be played on Gaming devices, mobile phones and computer systems. Its simple interface makes it a preferred choice of both professionals as well as beginners.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

XviD4PSP is a multimedia converting application that contains various functions applicable on video files. Though it was mainly developed for PSP, but it also offers support for many other mobile phones and handheld devices. It is a trilingual tool available in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. It is a free tool that does not require any license; however, you can donate any amount to support development process. It is a portable tool that can run on PCs without installation. It enables you to convert videos into suitable formats, view information, categorize chapters, perform trimming, apply effects and check status of tasks.

User Interface:
XviD4PSP possesses a tabbed interface due to which accessing functions is feasible for users. The processes can be started only after required file is chosen. The files can be added by looking in system directories or simply by dragging them to window. If live video needs to be captured then external webcams can be selected along with video resolution. The software contains a menu bar where multiple drop downs are available and many different functions can be performed through these options. The appearance and working can be modified too as per your taste.

Once the media file is added to context, it quickly becomes ready to process. The Info tab shows details related to container file, video characteristics and embedded audio. Metadata tab helps you provide information that can be used for identification of video or audio clips. You can trim content and manage waveform layout. Filters can be applied to enhance quality, while codecs ensure that no error is occurred. You can also enjoy movies and songs on its built-in media player.

Scanner Support:
XviD4PSP lets you import image frames with the help of scanners. A few settings must be specified to obtain accurate results. Volume settings let you specify normalization percentage, maximum position, save histogram and delete cache. To perform interlacing, the available options include scan type, max position and deinterlacing. Autocrop can be enabled to automatically cut out extra portions on the basis of chosen sensitivity and maximum position information. You can optionally start scanners in the presence of indexing, interlace, autocrop and volume modes before preview.

It is a reliable tool that can process multiple files at a time with the help of multithreading. Various tasks can be added to queue for simultaneous processing. Log section can be visited to get details of performed activities. It is very efficient and lets you prepare media files for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, BlackBerry sets, HTC touch phone, Xbox, PS4, PS3, Sony PSP, LG Prada, Nokia Phone and YouTube. Apart from devices, you can also choose the required output format. A large number of settings are also present that can be customized easily.