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XYplorer is an efficient file manager that makes it comfortable for users to browse system directories in a tabbed interface. It contains many useful functions through which users can manipulate files or folders. It offers multiple browser views including mini tree, branch, dual pane, preview and default ones so users can switch between these when needed.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

XYplorer 18 is a suitable choice for users who want to perform file management operations in an advanced manner. It is a powerful tool that displays system directories in tree view. This makes the search function easier as you can find required files and folders from system memory without any hassle. The software is currently available in almost 100 countries and its trial version can be evaluated for limited time period before purchasing the license. It is available for Windows OS and can run on XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 versions. It is a small sized tool available in more than 20 different languages.

Browsing Window:
The major feature of any file manager is the feasibility provided to users for easy browsing. XYplorer is a user friendly application where all components are listed in proper way. The home window shows the disk drives present and lets you expand each directory to access subfolders or files. It contains a tabbed interface just like a web browsers due to which it is possible to open multiple folders at a time. For reaching any specific files, you can either go through whole system memory or use Search function for quick processing. Moreover, it maintains record of browsing and lets you view recent activities.

File Operations:
It provides support for all major file operations. You can add new folder for saving new content or easy classification of existing files. It is recommended to use an appropriate name that can depict topic of its content. You can use cut, copy, paste, rename and delete operations on files and folders. Moreover, you can compress files in a ZIP folder, preview with selected apps, view properties, adjust their location and add them to playlists of installed multimedia players. If any action is taken unintentionally, it can be reverted.

Filters are present in XYplorer to locate content at a glance. You can implement various filters on the basis of file characteristics. Visual filters can be activated with the help of normal expressions or particular wildcard patterns. There are many power filters that support types of files, last modification time range and file size. You can choose filters on the basis of these characteristics to find required files. It is the advanced form of search function that allows you to find multiple files of same kind.

Other Features:
It is similar to Windows Explorer that makes it easy to use. Its fast speed is another advantage that saves lot of time. It is a portable application that can be stored on USB for using it on multiple PCs. It is a customizable tool and users can choose its appearance with the help of Panes menu. It is safe from all kinds of malware that can harm your system.