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Yahoo! Messenger is a user-friendly application that helps you communicate with your friends. You can send instant messages without spending a single penny. You can download the software and log in with your Yahoo ID.

Yahoo Messenger Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

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2020 0.8.288
44.7 MB
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Yahoo Messenger
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Software description

Yahoo! was popularly known as a web service provider, providing its users with e-mails, a search engine, as well as Yahoo Messenger. More commonly abbreviated as Y!M, Yahoo Messenger was an instant messaging application that was popular among Yahoo! users who enjoyed using it with ease, thanks to the numerous features it offered.

Here is a list of features of Yahoo Messenger:

  1. FREE: Due to the fact that Y!M was a free application for communicating with friends and family, it was widely popular. The application uses the phone’s internet connection to send and receive messages, which is why you never had to worry about paying any extra fees for every message sent.
  2. GROUP CHATS: Y!M could be used in the event of group projects so that everyone in the gang has all the information they need. If you’re not sure who to ask for help, it is best to send the question to a group and the one who has the answer will respond instantly.
  3. MULTIPLE DEVICES: Y!M could be installed on mobile phones, laptops or desktops. Plus, the devices could be synchronized so that you can use it on your desktop and continue to use it on your phone when you are on the move, without losing any data.
  4. VOICE AND VIDEO CALLING: As long as the device that was being used had a camera and microphone, those devices could support voice and video calling. This allowed its users to have more personal conversations with people on the other end, which was not only helpful for social calls with friends and family, but it could also be used for business reasons between employees and their employers or their customers.
  5. PERSONALIZATION: Users could personalize their account and what their contacts saw on their profile. For example, users could customize their avatars based on how they looked and dressed. These avatars are set as the image next to your name on a contact list.
  6. UNSEND: Many people have come across the problem of accidentally sending a message to a person you did not intend on sending it to. Thankfully, Y!M included the UNSEND function that allows you to delete a message from both the sender and receiver’s messaging page.
  7. GAMES: Yahoo Messenger allowed its users to engage in games with the person they are communicating with at the time. All you need to do is press the game icon, choose which game you would like to play with your friend, and then enjoy a little friendly competition while still engaging in conversation.
  8. FILE SHARING: One feature of Y!M that beats almost every other instant messaging application is its file-sharing feature. Compared to other application, users can send files (documents, music, pictures, videos, etc.) of up to 2GB in size. Other applications only allow a maximum size of 500MB if not less. Many people prefer using an instant messaging application that allowed for bigger file-sharing, which is why Yahoo Messenger was a popular choice.

Unfortunately, Yahoo Messenger was discontinued in 2018, but it was replaced by a similar application, Yahoo Together, which adopted many features of its predecessor and offered several new and improved features that offered convenience for its users.