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Zoolz is a cloud based backup service that offers you online storage and online workspace. The cloud backup service is designed for storing unlimited data for a lifetime. The data, which is stored, is duplicated multiple times using the special facilities to ensure reliability and security of the system. The company also offers simple restore services to access single or multiple files.

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Android / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8
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The Scalability

When you buy a cloud storage subscription from Zoolz, you can opt to use as much as little space depending on your requirements. The system is really flexible and allows the user to increase or lower the storage space. You don´t need any additional disk to house extra data. Instead, you can ask more space which is available in the cloud.


Zoolz can be used as a big online backup drive for your company requirements. You can rely on Zoolz for your primary data storage and have the peace of mind that you will never lose the data under any circumstances. It is also possible to set-up automatic data backups using this service. It is also possible to categorize data based on key phrases.

Lower costs

Zoolz cloud based service can offer the lower storage rates because they intelligently use their server space and the space automatically gets reassigned in an instantaneous way. It is really cheaper to use cloud space than to purchase a hard disk or a new server.

Helping customers to get the best

Zoolz customer care is sufficient to resolve all the potential technical issues. The help center section manages frequently asked questions and has several help articles to address customer problems.