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Instagram App is a social networking app where you can follow your family and friends to know what they’re up to. It is used by almost every celebrity who likes to interact with their fans online. It lets you capture and instantly share your daily moments with your followers.

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Bring your creative photography and imagery skills in Instagram. This is the App for you if you want to focus on photos and not just on narratives. You can easily connect with people from other places and view all they share and highlight. It’s an excellent App for someone who is eager to establish online following while boasting their recent travels with creative editing. Instagram App has a Direct Message feature, stories part, and even filter to make your pictures even beautifully presented. Instagram App is for free to everyone.

Although it shows advertisements, it is not annoying unlike other platform. Instagram App is integrated with Facebook. So, you can easily connect your IG account with your Facebook account. This is for you to get connected of friends who also use Instagram. With that, sharing and collaboration is much easier than you think. Another tool same with Facebook is the story highlight mentioned earlier, which is located at the top of every users’ feed and it shows stories from everyone you follow.

This Instagram story disappears after 24 hours for others to be updated with what is happening in your life. You can expand your imagination by exploring its creative editing tools and templates.

Photo editing in Instagram can make your edited picture be ready in a few minutes. Not just that, it looks done by a professional photographer. While you are upload a photo on your most updated Instagram version, you are offered with varieties of creative editing options and filters. While these options may not be as powerful and impactful as what Photoshop can do, Instagram can let you easily enhance and improve your skin tone and appearance in any selfie and group pictures with your family or friends.

With more than 25 filters of your own choice, you have got a variety of options to enhance your pictures. Whenever or wherever you post an image together with other IG users, you can easily tag them in the photo and let your fans know who everyone is. This way, you can help support a co-influencer and content creator. Instagram is also a great medium to share your family photos or a stunning photo about meeting a celebrity.

As with various social networking applications, Instagram’s Direct Messaging is a tool to hold private conversations. To even highlight this tool, you can directly send images easily without worries, like, reply, and share highlighted stories, or utilize it as a shortcut option to their beautiful profile. Instagram App can also be a great window to connect with family members, colleagues and even for followers and fans to whom you can share ideas or share your moments with.

In the world of social media applications, Instagram continues to set itself apart from others for various reasons. One of those is by trying to make sharing moments with everyone in your world easy, quick, and enjoyable. Whether you are posting breathtaking and panoramic view of your vacation photos edited with Instagram readily available filters or a video clip of an insane drone shots from your recent out of town event, Instagram App’s organized accessibility has kept itself leading in the social-sharing industry.