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My Talking Tom is an improvement of the first app My Talking Tom by the outfit 7 limited in the casual category of games. This game is base on you looking after baby tom by performing basically all the routine like with a baby.

Software details

My Talking Tom
Android / iphone
My Talking Tom
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Software description

Whenever little tom wants to sleep, gets sick, wants to eat or when he gets dirty you have to do what is necessary to keep him healthy. As part of his day you have to play with him and hos toys.

The game is set at different levels where you have to clear one to proceed to the next. For every level you clear, you get to earn yourself point and money which you can use to decorate the buy house interior staffs such as furniture and wallpapers to decorate the house. Just the classic Tom he can imitate whatever you say in his radicular voice.

It’s more fun to play as you get to watch little to grow as you take care of him. You can just play for hours without even realizing.