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Recuva is a freeware Windows utility to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from PC.

Software details

Windows 10
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Software description

Recuva is a program for Windows operating systems that allows a user to undelete a file. The program was developed by Piriform and it was initially released in 2007. This undeleting program allows the salvaging of files that were marked as deleted, whether it was on an internal or external drive.

Here are some of the features of Recuva:

UNDELETE FILES: Almost everyone who has ever used a desktop or laptop has accidentally deleted a file at least once in their lifetime. This program allows you to undo your mistake and recover whatever file was deleted, whether its a document or a precious photo. Recuva will retrieve the file you desire quickly, safely, and without much of a fuss from you.

FILE RECOVERY FROM DAMAGED DRIVES: In the event that your hard drive crashes or is damaged, Recuva is capable of recovering any file that may have been on it. The same can be said for files that you may have forgotten to back up before reformating a disk. This feature applies to internal drives, external drives, and memory cards. While not all files can be recovered successfully, the program can list all the files it found and the likeliness of a successful and complete recovery.

DELETED EMAIL RECOVERY: Whenever you delete an email, the file is moved to the trash folder, and once you empty the trash folder, the email is deleted for good. However, not all hope is lost thanks to Recuva. Recuva is capable of recovering emails that you thought you lost for good. The emails you recover will be saved as a .zip file that you can later read. Recuva also allows you to read an email using any electronic mail program, and not only the program it originated from.

RECOVERING DELETED MUSIC FILES: It’s not uncommon to accidentally delete a track from your iPod or MP3 player. Fortunately for ou, Recuva allows you to recover the deleted track along with any additional data that came with it.

RECOVERING UNSAVED WORD DOCUMENTS: Very often, people lose tons of information when they accidentally exit Microsoft Word without saving their files, or worst yet, when your computer crashes while you were in the middle of typing your research paper. No fear, this program allows you to restore your important documents that you did not get a chance to save. By scraping together the numerous bits and pieces of data on your computer, Recuva can rebuild the documents that you thought were lost for good.

DEEP SCAN: Not only does the program recover deleted files, but it can also help you find a file faster than the search bar of your device.

SECURELY DELETE FILES PERMANENTLY: Accidentally deleting a file is one thing, but doing it on purpose so that no one can ever recover it is another. Recuva can help you permanently delete a file so that no program, not even itself, can ever recover your private or personal file.

COMPATIBILITY AND CONVENIENCE: The program is available for most versions of Windows, and since it can be translated into over 37 languages, anyone around the world can make use of this file recovering program.

You never have to worry about losing a file again, thanks to Recuva.