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What seems like many years ago, the world was first introduced to a popular and easily accessible community of video sharing, and it would shake the world at its very core. There are very few people alive that haven’t heard of YouTube, and the YouTube app that can be accessed on your mobile device.

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With YouTube App, you do not have to imagine seeing the world at the comfort of your home. YouTube turns into reality for you. Discover the most trending videos for the day from gaming, news, entertainment, music industry and more.

Not only that, you have got to choose between raw videos or those professionally directed and produced. Also, YouTube App gets you connected to whoever and wherever in the world as you subscribe to different channels, influencers, and even bloggers. Like, comment and share the YouTube videos you watch to your friends and family from any device.

As it continually developing and updating, you can have more fun now as you explore YouTube videos you are most interested in. YouTube App navigation is becoming more user friendly than before. You can easily tap an icon or swipe to shift between recommended videos, your subscriptions, or even your account.

To be specific, you can now browse videos you love through scanning your personal recommendations on the Home tab, watching the latest from your preferred channels on the Subscriptions tab, and even re-watching YouTube videos you’ve watched and liked on the Account tab. You can now quickly let the public know how your heart is feeling through likes, comments, and even shares. If you are content creator, it is now much easier for you to update and edit your own videos with available filters and music.

Your discovery is now becoming limitless in YouTube as it has over a billion users globally, with an approximate of 300 hours of footage uploaded per minute. Also, you do not have to go through the process of signing in to discover new things, learned from tutorial videos, or even get entertained from variety of shows.

YouTube Kids App is also available to protect every children from extreme content. It minimizes the risk of your child watching content that may not be suitable for them. In addition, should you or your child sees something unfitting, you can easily flag the video with YouTube to review. Given that YouTube is public in nature, people can easily express their feelings without limits. Some users experience negative and destructive comments and cyber bullying on the service specifically through the comments function.

That is why being a responsible in online platform should be practice. But in YouTube App, you can easily what you see or what you don’t want to see. If you and your child has a YouTube channel or profile, you can disable or even remove comments that is not helping your content promotion. This can be done with ease through settings and it will help you enjoy YouTube App with positivity. All the more, if you and your child is experiencing harassment up to intolerable extent on YouTube, you can block and report users.

It is now time for you to create your own playlist in your YouTube App for you and your family. You can watch it, while enjoying the company of each other. You can now easily create and share creative content that can change the world we are living in.