Google Chrome’s ad blocker

Have you been intermittently annoyed by ‘prestitial’ ads and their usual countdown , and pop-ups with sound volume equalling that of a stadium speaker at a JLO concert but think that your current browsers setting isn’t reall on you side in this? Fear no more, as Google has promised to to put an end to all that. The new Google Chrome ad blocker is as clever as it gets and can ingenuously distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad ‘ads.

With a special categorisation filter the new ad blocker will allow the ‘ normal’ ads to run in a way that wont’ be causing any problems for sites that cover their running costs and make profit namely from ads.It also gives the ad owners the option to learn if they have been any violations and analyse the report in case their ads have been blocked by the extension.

What will be lost forever on the world wide web , for desktop PC afficionados is the annoyance and borderline anxiety that comes together with pertitial ads that start an unwelcome countdown, pop ups and videos with sound that can raise some eyebrows if you have forgotten to turn them off at the office.

But ithe new Google Chrome ad blocker also good news for the average , or not so average mobile phone user as well, since Google will be blocking all flashing ads ,large ads that cover a large part of you high end screen , and ad scrolls that run wildly when you’re trying to read your morning news.Quite the non ad world , right?

in case you were wondering if blocking can be reversed Google is offering the option to disable the blocking , in case you are in for an adventure in ad land by letting users decide for themselves if they allow ads from specific sites or not.