How To Verify The Computer’s Security

The computer protection is something that all computer users should care about, because if the computer is protected, then the files are alright as well, if the computer has a breach in its security system, then don’t wonder how the hackers got your e-mail password and start to use the information they found there, if they found any.

In today’s article, I will present a few software programs, that can be used by an individual or by a company to protect their computers. There are solutions dedicated to individuals and also dedicated to business users, but the next programs that I will present work for both categories. The next applications will verify if the computer opens malicious apps and programs and who mainly does that, if the computer is used by many persons. It is a good opportunity for parents to see what their kids are looking on the Internet, because the programs are included in the keyloggers programs, so they can tell exactly what were you looking for on Google.

Surveil Star is the first program recommended on eHow, a program that comes for free, but only for a trial period. When this expires, you will have to buy the program, if you like it. The application runs in the background and records almost any key that you type. It also takes screenshots of the pages that you went to when online and sends the images to the person who installed the app on your computer.

Unfortunately, there are also other ways to use the application, without the permission of the user. Sometimes, these programs are used to spy the user, in order to get the e-mail address and other information. And when a cracker gets to banking information, you will be in danger or your card will be, if you have money on it. If you don’t, then you don’t have what to spend, so the crackers won’t be able to use your card.

The one that uses a keylogger in general can set their own control methods. For example, she or he can set if he or she wants to alert the user that is monitored, they set also what will be the person who will receive notifications from the application from time to time and so on. These rules do not depend only on this app, but also on the person that initiates its use.

Other program which can be used is Track4Win, also a keylogger, which costs 39 dollars. The difference between these programs, which are used by the parents to monitor their kids and by employers to monitor their employees and the programs used by crackers is that they have to be installed in the computer that will be monitored by using a CD. They cannot be installed in the computer remotely or using another way, Wireless or Bluetooth. No, this is why you have to pay the price for them, because once you order a product like this, you will receive a whole package, with instructions and all, at your door, package which will arrive in a few days normally.