iPhone XI

iPhone XI is the latest model in the iPhones’ family. Just from a look on its display, it’s fantastic and it stands out from the previous models. It is likely to be officially launched in September this year or maybe earlier as it is well known ever to a number of people.

This iPhone XI comes with OLED which has a resolution of (2688*242)display with a stainless steel frame and a metal back as opposed to the normal LCD displays which have been in other models. iPhone has a display of around six point five inches which exceeds that of iPhone X which is five point eight inches. This means that they will not be using Touch ID but instead, they use Face ID. It is also expected to come with an eSIM technology. Its price is also expected to be much higher than that of iPhone X.

It supports a very fast mobile data speed and it has dual sim-card slots as opposed to glass.it has a random access memory (RAM) of 4GB, a battery with three thousand three hundred to three thousand four hundred (mAh.) which is ten percent much higher than that of iPhone. This model uses Intel modems as opposed to the earlier splitting order between Qualcomm and Intel.

The design of iPhone XI is similar to that of iPhone X the reason being quite obvious that Apple maintains the design of their phones each year, though the screen of iPhone X2 is much bigger in size.it has a fake ID and a new cheapest, dual lens rear camera which is modified which enables it to give better HDR shots and more control over the camera which is made possible by the pro mode.

iPhone XI is expected to be the best iPhone that has ever existed, with overwhelming features, easier to use and which gives satisfactory results.