Lifeguards in Australia think of availing free Wi-Fi to reduce beach drownings.

Drowning in the queen lands, Australia has been a problem for quite some time and due to they want to avail free Wi-Fi at the beaches so to ensure a reduction in drowning cases, they are hoping that it’s going to work out well, this is according to the lifeguards. They believe and think that many people visiting the beaches after swimming and getting tired they like taking rests near the waters now they will avail the free Wi-Fi in a safer place where the people will dwell in after getting exhausted in waters. The safety flags are the appropriate place to set the Wi-Fi because as from research it shows that many people who drown are always not near the safety flags.

The free Wi-Fi will be called Life-Fi, it is meant to encourage those swimming to stay near the safety flags and it will be able to give information concerning safety tips and safety conditions especially to those tourists who don’t seem to understand English. Australia is definitely advancing technology to ensure safety for its citizens as well as visitors.