Maxthon Browser

Despite having a long list of options, it is very small in size and thus lets you use it easily on your devices without worrying about speed and performance of system.

Installation Procedure:

Due to the simple installation procedure anyone can install it on their PCs. By clicking the setup file the installation wizard starts. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions and selected your desired checkboxes about creation of shortcuts, its installation will begin. This whole process will take a very short time and after installation completes in less than a second, you can launch the Cloud browser.

Features and Options:

The great thing introduced about Maxthon Browser is that it is now available with Adblock Plus feature that stops displaying irrelevant advertisement and thus lets you enjoy without getting disturbed.

Cloud Feature:

This browser makes it possible to synchronize web browsing, tabs and search results on multiple platforms and devices. Cloud Push and Download make it easier to download and store data on chosen devices. Cloud sharing is another option that is not present in many browsers.


Maxthon is a user-friendly browser and it is easier to customize according to personal requirements. In general settings it is possible to change tabs options. You can also choose default Search engines that you are willing to use. Tab bar and address bar options can be selected and different options related to Web Content can be adjusted. The settings for Magic form filling, proxy servers, mouse gestures and shortcut keys are also available. Then there are advanced settings that include the options that mostly experienced users interact with.

Other Customizations:

Users can mark their favorite webpages for easy access, use download manager for handling downloads, get updates with RSS Feed Reader, visit help desk and can create SkyNotes. It is possible to add multiple extensions through Maxathon Extension Center for increased performance. These extensions can be managed with Extension Manager. Maxthon is available in various languages; therefore it can be used in almost every corner of the world. Different tools are added that can be used for specific functionalities.


Maxthon can be used in three modes, i.e. Normal, Private and Session. History of your visited links is kept in a proper manner and is divided into sessions. The deletion of records is also kept easier in order to make privacy level improved. If you are stuck at any point then you can refer to the Help section.


This is a suitable browser for those who are fond of doing work in their own way. Due to a lot of options and unbelievably fast speed, it is preferred by a lot of internet users all over the globe.