McAfee Stinger

For professional computer users it is a challenging task to keep their systems safe from viruses. In case of any malware data identification they have to carefully remove it without affecting the important data. For this purpose McAfee Stinger can be proved a very useful tool. It can help in removal of certain malware. It is mostly used by administrators and users for making the system free of harmful programs. Since it is not a complete Anti-Virus Software therefore it is smaller in size.

Installation Process:

The whole downloading and installation of this software will take only a few minutes. All you need to do is to download the software as per your system requirement. It is available separately for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. After downloading, only double click or open the setup file. When the setup file runs you just need to agree to the terms and conditions. Clicking Accept button will finish the process and the Software main window will open up. You can now use it for recovery purpose.


There are three subpages present in McAfee Stinger Window. These are named Scan, Quarantine and Log.


Scan option is used to find selected threats in the system. Clicking on the Scan button will start going through the selected Drive or folder and will search for the harmful threats. After scanning is done it will display the Scan Summary. The Summary will include the threat type, name of file in which it was found and the action that is preferred to be taken for dealing with it. After taking necessary steps, simply click ‘Done’ button for going back to the homepage.


Quarantine acts as a backup place where a copy of infected files is stored. In case of removing any detected file by mistake you can recover that from here. You have the option available for removing this backup too from here. But it must be checked first that the data is unimportant because after deleting from here, the data can’t be recovered again.


Log files display the detailed report of every scan performed. The report comprises the date and time of scan, information about version of tool used, number of files scanned, and the number of files that were infected and were cleaned.

Other Option:

Through Help option you can get to know about how McAfee Stinger tool can be used. You can access the detailed guide that contains guidelines in easily understandable words. The information about version of software can be read via About Stinger option. Through Advanced option one can check the list of threats that can be detected by it, customize settings and can blacklist specific MD5 hashes.

McAfee Stinger is a reliable tool that is developed by well-known development team, McAfee Secure. It is designed only for Windows Operating System. It is a very effective tool for detection and removal of selected virus types. With less efforts you can easily remove unwanted virus.