Microsoft Office 365

Why Use Microsoft Office 365?
Microsoft Office 365 is subscription based and it includes word, excel, outlook, publisher, PowerPoint, and access. But, Access and Publisher, is only available on PC. The beauty of this system is that it is cloud based meaning that it can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device. This gives you flexibility of movement.
Also, don’t worry if you have earlier versions of Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 supports the latest version of Microsoft office 2011, 2013 however, earlier versions of Microsoft office have less functionality.

What if I don’t have internet access? You may ask
You can work with Microsoft 365 offline. The Cloud based storage uses one drive but can also save it on your computer. You don’t need internet access to work with Microsoft 365 but will need it to update your Microsoft 365 and to access your documents on Google drive. If you don’t connect to the internet for 30 days then your Microsoft Office 365 will have reduced functionality all you will need to do id reconnect to the internet and it will update.

The Difference Between Microsoft And Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is that automatically updated and stored on the cloud which means that your work can be accessed anywhere at any time as long as you have it downloaded on your device, iPad, mac, android, PC, android phones and iPhone.

Microsoft office is one-time payment and you need it pay for updates and renewals.
Microsoft 365 is subscription based, so you pay monthly and get updates and new exciting features as they are released and as soon as you are connect to the internet.
The Microsoft Office 365 will be a little different on each device because it’s tailored for the specific platform that that device uses.

Some Microsoft 365 Exciting Features
1. For me as a writer, this is exciting, where many people can edit the same document at the same time on word, PowerPoint and excel on Microsoft Office 365, in real time. There is Google docs but this is different in that each person can edit the document in real time simultaneously, so you can see each person editing the document at the same time. An added feature to this is that you can chat to your team on Skype as well in real time while editing the document and continue chatting when you complete your editing.

2. Another feature to enhance productivity and save time for yourself and your team, is that your One note reminders can be converted to tasks and deadlines on your calendar and then emailed to your team. This is like a virtual assistant in your device!

3. Sway in Microsoft 365 is a feature that allows you it take your presentation to your web sources and it maps out your presentation for you. But, you can’t add logos and branding like on PowerPoint. Also, PowerPoint is static and Sway is fluid.

Microsoft Office 365 helps with your organization too. Time is a commodity in our fast paced society.

This tool helps you de clutter your inbox, Microsoft 365 Clutter. When switched on it intuitively learns your inbox habit, what emails are important you, which you open and so on. Then it reorganizes your inbox so that you have the important emails up front and centre.