Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an application that can be found in most of the computers in the world. It is the most famous and widely used application for writing purposes that is used in every field of life. In fact, every person in the world seems to be attached with it in one or other form. Therefore, in the present era of digital world, one is ought to know that what is Microsoft Word, what it has to offer, what difference it makes, and what are the benefits of using it and what are the reviews and recommendations for this program.

What is Microsoft Word?
Microsoft word is a complete package for writing purposes. It is a word processing application specially designed for performing various word processing tasks, such as typing, editing and printing out of textual information. Basically, it started as a simple word processor that was used to type in and make documents, but now it has advanced to incorporate many favorable features. Now, it offers a complete package that one may need to produce any literary document. It is made by the company named Microsoft. Its comfortable graphical user interface and helping environment assists users to work with comfort.

Origin of Microsoft Word
In 1983, Microsoft announced its first word processor, named as Multi-Tool Word for Xe-nix and MS-DOS. Soon, the name was changed to Microsoft Word. Then, the second release was issued in 1987 for MAC operating system, whereas for Windows OS, the program was introduced in 1989. From then, the program was regularly updated and improved. Now, it incorporates the latest features of the modern technology.

What difference has it made?
Before the advent of this program, most of the people used type writers which were much difficult to use. Faulty Words and sentences were cut on the pages. In case of ample mistakes, one had to completely re-write the paper. Moreover, there was no option making graphs and tables on the typewriters. Compared to that, Microsoft Word has turned the tables for the writers. Now writers can perform any type of work with great ease.

What Microsoft Word Offers?
Along with basic typing, this application offers many features that facilitate users to ensure best experience. Some of the best features are mentioned below:

• Spelling and grammar checker, word count: This feature highlights grammatical and structural mistakes, as well as counts the number of words.
• Speech Recognition: It converts spoken words into computer text.
• Tables: Data can be presented in the form of tables.
• Synonyms: The related terms for a word can be found through this feature.
• Pictures and Documents: Different files can be inserted in the document.
• Web pages, graphs etc.: It is also possible to insert graphs and link web pages.
• File Conversion: A document can converted into a number of available file formats.
• Language: This feature offers a number of languages to use in auto correct and writing.

Benefits of using Microsoft Word
One of the most obvious benefits of using this program is availability. As, it is the most used word processor in the world, almost all the Windows users install it. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the availability of the program while sending or receiving files.

Moreover, apart from simple writing, it also helps in creating and designing magazines, business cards, flyers and newsletters. The use of different fonts, clip art and styles add a great beauty to the work. Therefore, it is regarded as a good tool for business purposes.

Additionally, it can integrate other programs as well. Using Excel tables, rows and columns or calculations is easily achievable through this program. Similarly, Microsoft PowerPoint can also be integrated in it. The integration of these programs saves a lot of time and energy.

Then, this program also checks grammatical and spelling mistakes, which makes it much easier for the users to write accurately. Although it is not able to be highlight all of the mistakes, but it still makes a lot of difference. The upcoming versions of the program are expected to be much more efficient in this area.
Moreover, this program is also regarded as the great learning tool for the students. It can help students to correct mistakes and develop self-learning. In school and colleges, this correction exercise has proved to be highly beneficial in improving grammar.

In addition, the new version of the program enables one to work online without downloading it on the local machine. This helps users to keep and manage their writings online. The data present in the local machine can be subjected to losses due to various reasons, but the online version of this program ensures the protection of your data with reliability.

Having said these, it also offers a complete set of features that is needed for achieving all professional requirements. Whether it is graphs, images or business cards, this program would help you achieve al, which will save a lot of time and energy.

Recommendations and Reviews
Most of the people are comfortable with this product. People like it for its efficiency, swiftness and different features that the program carries. However, there are some key areas that are needed to be considered. First of all, this program does not secure the work efficiently. If the program is closed without saving due to some reason, it cannot recover it. Then, a few people are not comfortable with its image editing ability; it is regarded as inefficient. Also, there is a discomfort about spell-checking feature. This feature is limited to dictionary only which does not regard for names of people or places. So, a dictionary of names and places should also be included in the program. Some people are also not comfortable with the price. They regard as too high for a regular user. One of the major concerns of users is that it is only compatible with Windows and MAC operating systems. The Linux users cannot use it, whose popularity has grown rapidly during the past few years. Apart from these concerns, this program is highly adored by the users.

In short, knowing about Microsoft Word is indispensable in the cotemporary world. It is used in every existing field and industry in the world; every person is connected with it. A word processor developed in 1980’s had a great impact on the world. It changed the world of writers by making type-writers a thing of the past. It offered the features and benefits that were never thought of before. People have shared their reviews and recommendations for the program that will help it improve over time.