Mixcraft is a powerful desktop application that allows you to apply different functions on music videos and audio songs. Its GUI provides a wide range of options essential in recording music, mixing songs, applying effects, enabling clip based automation and control your music instruments by connecting them to your PC. Once the required file is generated, you can save it on computer or burn it to optical disc.

Acoustica Mixcraft has a comprehensive user interface that might confuse those users who have never used any recording software before. However, a little practice and software help section can help them master its use. Experienced users can easily understand and use its never-ending options. Mixcraft  allows you to work on multiple in the form of project and once the task is achieved, the file can be saved as MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, WMA or MX8Template file. Hence the resulting file can easily run on a computer as well as other devices including mobile phones and music players.

Track Mixing:
Acoustica Mixcraft enables you to mix multiple tracks with desired adjustments for getting high-quality audio. It allows you to choose all audio tracks, insert acoustic piano music and merge them into master track. For each included track, various options can be modified. You can mute them, toggle their automation, keep them as a solo track, apply multiple track effects and arm them for recording. Through track settings menu you can decide the panels that you want to see such as routing, effects, EQ, track buttons, inputs, and pan.

MIDI Controls:
MIDI stands for Music Instrumental Digital Interface, and it defines the standards for connecting all types of musical instruments with each other or with other systems. This software provides the facility of connecting your keyboard, guitar or other instruments and monitoring the sound quality through its efficient recorder and editor. You can now make custom beats, music videos, and patterns on a professional level.

Live Music:
Mixcraft can prove to be of great importance if you wish to listen to music or perform live in front of an audience. Multiple tracks can run sequentially when they are turned on via its panels and menu. Thus you can easily enjoy non-stop music without interruptions. DJs can also use it for mixing of music, creating interesting mashups and improving the audio quality of existing songs.