Nvidia Geforce

Over the past decade, Nvidia has won the graphics card war with a clear lead over its only rival AMD.
Nvidia has the majority of market shares in the gaming industry and has become a pioneer in the gaming industry with their latest 1000 series graphics cards delivering outstanding performance and their upcoming 2000 series of graphics cards based on volta architecture is slated to release in late 2018 and will definitely exceed expectations.

Nvidia GeForce Experience
Nvidia has an application named Nvidia GeForce Experience and is a must for gamers that own a Nvidia graphics above the 600 series. It is used for automatically updating drivers, tweaking games, recording gameplay with Nvidia’s recording software Shadowplay and taking screenshots, Ansel – Nvidia’s 360-degree in-game screenshot taker. It also features Nvidia Sheild, a streaming platform and many more features being added and updated all the time.

New features :
The most requested feature to be added to the GeForce Experience. with the addition of this feature, you will be able to turn your best gaming highlights into gifs with more games being supported and added frequently and plans to add more games in late 2018.

Shot by GeForce
Nvidia is currently focusing on creating a new hub for the gaming community where gamers can showcase and view the best moments, screenshots and gifs from the community with contests being held where you could win cool graphics cards and other gaming goodies.

How to use :
Just download the Geforce Experience app from Nvidia’s site and install it.
To take a screenshot just press Alt + F2 while playing the game. Press Alt + F9 to start recording gameplay and end a recording by pressing Alt + F9 too. overall it is an intuitive application and should be easy to use for more information make sure you check out Nvidia’s official GeForce Experience application page or the Nvidia forum.