Photo Editing Software for Windows 10

It will not be an erroneous observation to make mention of the wide array of possibilities that using the Windows Operating System brings. Not only can one enjoy seamless browsing and gaming online; the simplicity and fun in manipulating photos are unrivalled on this OS.

Photos can be changed, resized, beautified or enhanced with certain tools called photo editing software. They come with features that permit the sketching and painting of novel images. For Windows 10 users, there are free and also the best software for giving pictures some touch of artistry available online. They are solid and powerful, so awesome that one may question their amazingness. Below are some of them out there:

• Fhotoroom

This capable photo editor can be used on smartphones, tablets and PCs with the Windows 10 OS. Its beauty lies in the many tools that grace the app. It can be freely downloaded and has in it, a share button that allows a user to spread the joy from photos around. Also, the Fhotoroom app boasts of a camera mode with features to enhance via contrast, sharpness, saturation, the age-long cropping, etc.

• PicsArt Photo Studio

For the mobile-phones dignified by the presence of Windows 10 OS, PicsArt Photo is the answer to the phone’s photo editing desires. Not only is it a respected app for Windows; it is user-friendly. Moreover, it requires no hassles to be put into usefulness as it cooperates with the mobile-phone’s camera to save the fingers from having to push images from one location to another for editing.

This software is loaded with tools that add filter effects and impeccably edit your photos. It is free, and comes with the share icon for easy sharing with your social media fans.


• Fotor

For mobile-phone and PCs with the Windows 10 OS, Fotor is an app that can give most photo editing apps a run for all they worth. Basically, it comes free; the tools that give it weight are not cheap at all. The filters on Fotor are as stunning as they are diverse. Those alone, give the software a badge of honor in the harem of photo editing software Windows can entertain.

• Fotophire

This is a pricey software coming from the shores of Wondershare. Fotophire is typically easy to use and comes with more tools than the convention Adobe Photoshop software. Moreso, these tools can do a lot of editing with great precision. Though it is not free, it is worth every penny spent to have it join your OS.



GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free photo editor that has never come short of expectations as a manipulator. No matter one’s level in the field of photography and design involving images, GIMP is always responsive and delivers salutatory results. It abounds in a large fold of tools that can enhance images while helping the user hone their skill in photo editing. You can save your creation as the app will permit that. All in all, GIMP is both a servant and a teacher in photo editing.

As a way to conclude, the above described software are highly recommended for devices running on Windows 10 OS. They do not care about the size of your camera; all each of them ask for is a space in your device and then give them the platform to showcase their wonders. Not only are these software supported by the Windows 10 OS, they also are similar to the operating system by giving you endless opportunities that must leave you gasping for air at the transformation your photos will experience with them.