Samsung Galaxy X

Many smartphone phone buyers would like to know if the new Samsung Galaxy X which will be released soon will have a fold able screen. However, according to companies which are involved in providing technology for mobile screens like Qualcomm, it will be some years before the technology will be available in mobile phones. Salman Saeed, who is the product manager for display technology at Qualcomm has indicated that the commercial viable foldable display technology could take a longer time to be developed, than what recent rumors have indicated.

Though some patents from Samsung for a foldable mobile phone have been released, there are many technical challenges in developing devices which can be bent repeatedly. The main problem is that the transistors used in the display for powering the thousands of pixels in the display are not flexible enough to withstand being bent repeatedly. So after being bent, it is observed that these transistors are breaking, adversely affecting the durability of the display and mobile phone. Another problem faced could be fine tuning the user experience across the display , so that the quality of display is acceptable.

Though the ZTE Axon M is an attempt at a foldable mobile phone, the image is spread across multiple screens with a gap caused by the hinges of the foldable Axon M. Smartphone manufacturers are interested in making a similar mobile phone, without having a gap at the hinge, to create a seamless image. However the manufacturers have not yet made the required advances in material science technology to develop electrodes which can be folded and bent repeatedly without breaking or affecting their performance. The chip-set used in smartphones can power an additional display if required. The foldable display for mobile phones will allow users to access a larger screen area on their smartphone.