Samsung Gear S4

Are you a fan of Samsung products? If you are, then you will love what 2018 has in store for you. Samsung is set to launch its latest smartwatch, Samsung Gear S4, this year. Based on the company’s trend in releasing smartwatches over the years, people are expecting that the Gear S4 will be launched in August. However, there is a chance that Samsung might surprise us and launch it before then, so let’s hold our horses and see what happens. As usual, Samsung will launch a product with multiple upgrades to its previous smartwatch, Gear S3. This means that the price for the new smartwatch brand will be higher than that of Samsung Gear S3. If you want to be part of the new experience that the firm plans on bringing to its consumers, you should be ready to get a lot more money than $349, the price for the previous model.

Features of the New Product
Samsung intends to launch a product that will satisfy its consumers’ needs in a high-tech and unique manner. One of the interesting features is the optical zoom that will be placed inside the smartwatch face. This is an unusual feature for the company’s smartwatches. Samsung Gear S4 will also have a screen on its strap. This screen will allow its users to access apps, thereby reducing the strain that comes with swiping through the watch face. This product will finally make Samsung’s dream of creating curved screens a reality. Both straps of the smartwatch will have batteries, whose life will be longer than that of Gear S3.

The users of this new product will enjoy the digital voice assistant it comes with. Samsung Gear S4 will have Bixby, a voice assistant that the firm has been planning to introduce to its products. This feature will help the users operate the smartwatch easily, especially since it has numerous aspects that differ from the older models.