Top 5 Advantages of Joining Amazon Prime membership

Most of us knew Amazon as an ecommerce giant but it expanded its services to several other sectors as well.

Of all the services Amazon is offering, its prime membership is the most popular one and by paying for that membership, one can enjoy fast shipping, music and video streaming, better access to lightening deals and lending library etc. If you are still having doubts in mind, go through these benefits of Amazon prime membership once and you will surely try it.

Shipping Benefits: Unlike non-prime users, prime users can get their items shipped for free within two days. In some cities, for some items, you will get your items shipped in less than two hours but this service is limited to few locations only.

Selected items can be shipped to your house on the release day itself and you don’t need to wait in queues to get your favorite electronic gadget hands-on early. If you are not in urgent need of shipping item, you can select no rush shipping option and the prime members will get extra reward points for selecting this option.

Video Streaming: Joining in Amazon prime will give instant access to thousands of exclusive videos at no extra cost. Exclusive prime titles or videos can also be accessed from a mobile device or you can see your favorite videos on a PC or laptop by logging in into Amazon and going to videos section.

4K as well as HDR, ultra HD content is available and if you are concerned about data usage, you can lower the resolution while watching videos.

Prime Music: If ads are ruining your music experience, try to listen to your favorite albums with prime music. In the prime music section, songs are updated daily and once you start listening to the favorite playlist, you will get addicted to it.

Note that Amazon prime members will get access to prime music only and not to Amazon music unlimited. Prime users can also join Amazon Music Unlimited at a lower price and enjoy millions of songs and new releases from famous artists.

Prime Reading: If you are a bookworm, then prime reading is a must try option. You don’t need Amazon kindle to read eBooks and this feature work similar to that of traditional library. You can access this prime feature from Android, iOS, or Windows devices.

You will have access to wide range of books, novels, comics, magazines, and by selecting the “Borrow from prime-lending” option, you will get access to that book and you can read. Though there won’t be any due dates, it is a better practice to perform the return action once you read the book.

Prime Photos: If you love to take selfies and capture images, then prime photos option will surely impress you. Prime membership offers unlimited storage to save images and 5GB of storage to save other types of content.

Capture all your favorite moments without worrying about storing them but note that this option is for non-commercial purposes only. Do remember to renew your prime membership time to time as there are chances of losing your image collection if you fail to renew in time.