Tor Browser with vpn

Tor Browser is a safe internet browser that keeps your internet search history safe and does not send reports to browser publisher, ISP or websites. You can browse internet as an anonymous user. It is based on Firefox browser. It also saves your system from online threats and malware that can attack while you are visiting potentially harmful websites. It is a small browser that requires less system resources and thus does not decrease the speed and performance of your PC. You can download the latest version 8 of browser for free.

Origin of Name:

TOR is the abbreviation for “The Onion Routers”. The name is kept because it works by bouncing the network traffic around various layers of distributed servers and hence keeping the physical location of users private. It also provides various proxy tunnels from where you can choose any virtual location from the world map for accessing the websites that are blocked in your region.

Tor Browser Features:

Tor Browser is the perfect choice if you are fed up of the websites that track your location on your visit. It lets you turn on anonymity mode whenever you want to search confidential content but otherwise it uses normal mode of browsing. It also saves your system from unwanted threats that the users face when they use internet. It keeps check on your online activities for repelling the attacks of hackers or malware. It is a portable browser that you can carry in your USB or other portable devices and use it on any system.

This browser is used by many major groups for ensuring their privacy. It lets you share information online with other users in a safe way and prevents third party users to access private content. It has a simple interface with various options and features.

Browser Interface:

After download Tor browser you can directly get connected to TOR network or configure it with your internet connection in case it is censored. You can open multiple windows and tabs while using it. You can bookmark, save or print your favorite webpages, check the history, find any word in the current webpage, manage add-ons, open web developer tools, enable or disable HTTPS everywhere feature and go to Options for advanced features. You can customize the layout of software in any available way.


Tor Browser is compatible with different versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. For Windows, it needs XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 versions. The size of software is around 42 MB. You must contain more than 70 MB of free disk for letting it carry out the tasks efficiently without any delay. The browser supports many languages for using it and for browsing internet.