Windows 10 to be improved more by an Insider’s system of “Cohorts”

Microsoft is currently working and testing a new system for user feedback available only to Windows Insiders. This will be the system of “Cohorts”. Microsoft created this system so that they can get very targeted and specific feedback for different elements of the Windows 10 OS.

What exactly are “Cohorts”,
Cohorts are different groups of testers, where each group focuses on one specific aspect of Windows 10. The important thing is that each member of these groups will be personally interested in the element of Windows 10 on which they are focusing. This will lead to a more detailed feedback that should help improve Windows 10 even more for real world action. Each group will be led by a Windows Insider champion and someone from the Microsoft team.

This feedback will also help Microsoft to choose on which features to focus more. They will have the opportunity to see what is needed and what is not useful to the end users, which are interested in a specific thing.

For example if there are a lot of users interested in using the pen tool, they will want as much feedback from them as possible. This will help them create the perfect pen tool, designed specifically for people who really use that tool a lot. The same principle goes the rest elements of Windows 10.

Microsoft is still testing this and for now it will not be the main source of feedback for improving their latest operation system. The feedback gathered from the large base of Insiders, from the Feedback Hub and also straight from the Windows 10 telemetry data provided by normal users will still remain leading in the further development and improvement of Windows 10.

It seems that Microsoft has identified “power” users of specific features in Windows 10 and will try to add them to the closed “Cohort” group they belong by sending invites.